5Pcs 15-35mm Professional Woodworking Drill Bits Set

Product Description

Description : 5Pcs 15-35mm Professional Woodworking Drill Bits Set Hole Saw Wood Cutter Tools This product suitable for all types of wood density board hole operation. Widely used in wood processing hinge installation- repair- model of production- is an essential tool for wood decoration. Feature : This drill bits are used for drilling in woodworking in preference to drill bits and flat bits whenever a very clean and precise hole is required Enable woodworkers to drill holes without passing through the material when a clean and precise bottom to a hole is required 2 Flutes Designed to make professional flat bottom holes- pocket holes- and clean through holes Can open any hole you need on all kinds of wood- wood products- plastics- plywood and other materials Designed to make professional- flat-bottom holes and clean-thru holes 2 cutting teeth and 3 spurs prevent bottom side from being tore out The Wood Drill Bit will drill through much kinds of of materials The Tool can be used for hand held drills and drill presses Cutting Diameters: 15mm/ 0.59′- 20mm/ 0.79′- 25mm/ 0.98′- 30mm/ 1.18′- 35mm/ 1.38′ Package Included : 1 x 5Pcs 15-35mm Drill Bit Set Details pictures :


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