BestDealUSA 4 Channels Wireless/Radio Flash Trigger SET with 2 Receivers

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trigger for thirty thousand times. the trigger current is only 0.01MA, which will definitely cause no damage to the flash contact of the camera. The transmitter is applicable to the traditional or digital camera with hot shoe or PC controlling interface. Receiver trigger adopts dry battery for power supply, which is safe, energy-saving, and convenient. The product adopts micro-computer for controlling the decoding, Which has superior anti-interference capability; sensitive reaction speed, the highest synchronous speed can reach 1/250 sec. All the models of the product uniquely have the multi-frequency isolation technique and the self coding matching function by users. Users can freely match and use the sender and the receiver according to the demands, which have 16 isolated channels to suit for specific shooting environments. Triggers set in different channels can be combined to work or independently work but do not interfere with each other in an efficient distance.How to use: Make sure the channel selector of both transmitter and receiver at same position Insert your flash hot shoe socket into the receiver’s hot shoe jack Press the test button on your transmitter. The Flash should now flash Insert the transmitter’s hot shoe socket into your camera’s hot shoe jack (if your camera does not have a hot shoe use a PC sync cord and insert into the socket) You should now be ready to start shootingPackage Contents:1 X 4 Channels Transmitter2 X Receiver 1 X PC Sync cord for camera


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