Flashpoint Shoe Mount Triple Bracket

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Product Description

The Flashpoint Shoe Mount Triple Bracket connects 3 shoe mount devices to one camera or stand using this versatile adapter. By using 3 strobes all firing in tandem, or others lights as a single light source, you triple the output or cut down dramatically on recycle time, while adding superior control. The flashes can be positioned on the bracket and provide control over the direction of your lighting. The integrated umbrella shaft holder with friction clip, adds the soft touch you need to overcome direct strobes harshness. Featuring a removable cold shoe foot, the small triple shoe adapter mounts to the standard 1/4-20 and a 3/8′ threaded stud on most light stands. While commonly used for photography to hold 3 flashes, you can also use them to mount 3 small on-camera type LED’s for more efficient video lighting, especially for the traveler who does not want to transport larger LED light panels. This adapter is suitable for flashes, microphones, mixers, LED’s, monitors, radios, wireless systems, and any other shoe mount accessory, even sports cameras, and can be mounted on any camera or stand without additional hardware. Keep this essential accessory in your camera bag to simplify many photographic situations.


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