Fotga CN-16 LED Adjustable Lighting Flash For Olympus Canon Nikon Pentax

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Feature: LED Bulds Amount:102 PCS Total Power: 6.2W Power Source:AA Battery 5 PCS(not included) DS Power: 6V-7.5V Color Temperature: 5400K/3200K Specification: Install Battery: when installing AA battery, please make sure the positive and negative poles are correct positioned according to the “+” and “-”marks. Fix the battery holder cover after the batteries are installed. Mount the LED Video Lighting on a camcorder. Insert the hot shoe adapter into the hot shoe of the camcorder: screw the hot shoe knob to fix the LED Video Lighting on the camcorder. Switch on and you can use it. Turn off the power after use. Notice: 1. Please turn off the power after use, in order to avoid waste of battery and longtime heat generation and further affect the service life of the LED bulbs. 2. If power is supplied by AA battery, please remove the battery when the LED light is out of use, otherwise ,the battery unused longtime will go moldy and rot the circuit inside the LED Lighting. 3. When the light is on, please do not look at the LEDs bulb straight ahead . 4. Do not catch the head of the light to hold the total camera. 5. Please install battery as gently as you can to avoid damage and distortion of the battery holder. 6. Keep away from dampness, and avoid to expose in the sunshine for long, it can help to longer the light life. Package includes: 1 X CN-16 LED video light 1 X hot shoe mount 1 X English manual 4 X Filters


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