FOTGA HD-160 LED Camera Video DV Camcorder Hot Shoe Light for Canon Nikon Pentax

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(1)Package Included:1 x 160 LED Video/Camcorder Lamp ; 1 x Soft Diffuser ; 1 x 3200k filter; 1 x pink filter;1 x hot shoe adapter for ISO standard hot shoe camera.(2)There are three filters with this item,with Spotlight effect,Diffuse effect,and for reducing the color temperature to 3200k. (3) This product come with the panasonic D series battery pack.(Easy to konw the battery capacity: press the test button, 6-LED On means battery full,1-LED On means battery low)(4) Compatible with five different kinds of batatery:Panasonic D series (D08S/ D16S/ D28S/D54S) /Sony FM series (FM50/ FM55H/ FM500H/ QM71D/ QM91D) /F series (F550/ F570/ F770/ F960/ F970 ) /FV series (FV50/ FV70/ FV90 ) /FH series (FH50/ FH60/ FH70/ FH90/ FH100 ) /and AA battery(5) Application : Video taking, either for lights setup or supplement.—Test : Pressing the bottom for checking the charge capacity of battery,the indicator lighting for charge capacity of battery will be on.When all of the indicator lighting be on ,the charge capacity is full. —Use : Insert hot shoe of LED video lighting on base of hot shoe of video,turn on the LED video lighting,then you can start photo or video taking.(6) Suitable For:–Can be installed on All Standard ISO 518-2006 hot shoe Cameras like Canon/ Nikon/ Sigma Olympus/ Pentax, etc.–Installed on Canon/ PANASONIC/ HITACHI/ JVC/ SAMSUNG/ FISHER and other Camcorders.Note: If you use the led light to Sony Camera and Camcorders, plz leave us a note and we will include an extra Hot shoe adapter fit for Sony devices.


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