Godox E-TTL X1T-C For Canon With EACHSHOT Cleaning Cloth, 2.4G Wireless Studio Flash Trigger or Speedlite

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Features: The flash trigger applies to hotshoe-mounted Canon EOS series cameras, as well as the cameras which have PC sync sockets.With X1C wireless flash trigger, high speed synchronization is available for most of camera flashes in the market support E-TTL II.  The max flash synchronization speed is up to 1/8000s. 1/8000s is achievable when the camera has a max camera shutter speed of 1/8000s. Functions: 1. As a Wireless Studio Flash Trigger 2. As a Wireless Speedlite Trigger 3. As a Wired Shutter Release 4. As a Wireless Studio Flash Trigger or Speedlite 5. Trigger with PC Sync SocketNote: 1. Unable to trigger flash or camera shutter. Make sure batteries are installed correctly and    Power Switch is turned on. Check if the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same    channel, if the hotshoe mount or connection cable is well connected, or if the flash    triggers are set to the correct mode. 2. Camera shoots but does not focus. Check if the focus mode of the camera or lens is set    to MF. If so, set it to AF. 3. Signal disturbance or shooting interference. Change a different channel on the device. 4. Operating distance limited or flash missing. Check if batteries are exhausted. If so,    change them. 5. No or is displayed on the camera viewfinder, though the camera is mounted on    the transmitter and the power switch is turned on. This is resulted from unusual working    of the transmitter. Check and make sure the flash trigger is well connected to the camera    through Hot Shoe Camera Connection, then power the Transmitter on again.Package Including: 1* Transmitter 1* Manual


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