HOLGA [MR-1] LED Macro Ring Lite for HL & HL(W) Series Holga Lens

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Product Description

Holga MR-1 Macro Ring-Lite New in Box,Holga #130-400 For HL & HL(W) Series Holga Lens For Cameras with Threaded Mount Note! Uses 2-AAA batteries, not included. The MR-1 Macro Ring Light by Holga is a circular LED light source designed to fit directly over and around the Holga HL and HL(W) DSLR lenses. It can also be used on digital cameras where the lens has industry-standard screw threads for mounting filters via the use of adapter rings. Because of its circular shape and unique placement on the camera it provides a continuous, balanced and shadow-free illumination ideal for digital macro photography.


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