Meike MK-431N TTL LCD Flash Flash Light Speedlite for Nikon SB600 SB-600 D4 D90 D300s D800 D3200 D5100 D7000

Product Description

Features: TTL flash with large guide number: GN42( ISO 100, 105mm); which reaches the level of the mainstream hot shoe flashes, support TTL/M/Multi mode. Multi-flash Lighting Application: Use inbuilt flash or top-mounted as master flash. Place speedlite in different directions. In outdoor application, radio signals can be reflected by walls; therefore, the placement of the slave flash should have more space. Before placing of slave flash, test whether S1/S2 can be synchronous normally. Do not place any obstacles between the host flash and the slave flash, because they may block the transmission of radio signals. In radio flash mode (S1/S2), if the flash is idle for 30 min, it will power off automatically in order to save power. The improved wireless triggering sensor’s sensitivity is higher,which makes S1/S2 modes be available in outdoor state. The wireless triggering distance is as long as 15m. When it is used outdoor, please keep in ming the following tips; the wireless triggering window needs to face the master flash and the direct sunlight shall be avoided. If these demands conflict with your hoped direction of light irradiation, please try to rotate the flash head in each direction in order to meet the shooting demands. High speed continuous shooting: The flash can realize the high-speed continous shooting function. Please set the camera in the continuous shooting from and the shoot. Please note: the number of photos that can be continuous shot is related with the output level. Please use the fully charged battery. Compatible with: Nikon Camera such as:D4/D3/D7100/D7000/D600/D800E/D700/D300S/D300/D5200/D5100/D3200/D3100/D90/D7100/D7000


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