Olympus FL-40 EXT Dedicated Flash for C-2500L Hot Shoe Design Connector

Product Description

From the Manufacturer Olympus introduces the FL-40 flash, an external flash unit for digital cameras brings exceptional power and precise creative control to Olympus’ popular digital camera models. When they use the FL-40 with a built-in flash, photographers can experiment with sophisticated lighting techniques. The external unit can bounce the flash off the ceiling, for example, while the built-in unit creates a catchlight effect by illuminating the subject directly. Main Features Broad, Powerful Coverage: GN 26 illumination is suited to wide-angle images, while GN 40 has the power for telephoto shots. The settings can be changed automatically, making it easy to enjoy the full capabilities of a high-powered external flash. High-Precision Control: Where other flash systems typically have steps of 1/2-1 EV, the FL-40’s illumination can be controlled with the extra precision of 1/4 EV steps. When this control is combined with the camera’s flash modes, it opens up a wide range of creative possibilities. Uniform Light Distribution: The FL-40 distributes light precisely and evenly, maintaining illumination of approximately -0.5 EV around the subject. This broad coverage ensures that images are bright and clear all the way to the edges.


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