Quantaray by Sunpak XLF-50 Flash for Canon

Product Description

The new Quantaray by Sunpak XLF-50 flash is a lightweight, compact and full featured digital SLR flash for digital and film cameras. The Quantaray by Sunpak XLF-50 has many advance features, such as easy to use controls, articulated hotshoe, wide angle panel and EV adjustments. With a high guide number of 65 (ISO 100/feet), the XLF-50 can provide superior illumination in any situation. The Quantaray by Sunpak XLF-50 is compatible with the latest Canon E-TTLII flash technology for seamless integration for ease of use. The Quantaray by Sunpak XLF-50 flash has a high guide number of 65 (ISO 100/feet) which will offer a much greater flash range over built-in flash units found in entry level digital SLR cameras. Flexibility is what the XLF-50 is all about with a 180 degree swivel control panel and hotshoe assembly for complete self-contained storage. Being so compact in the self-contained mode, it is small enough to fit in a pocket or bag at only 3.5-inches deep and less than 7 ounces. When taking photography to the next level, the XLF-50 incorporates a bounce head with detents. For wide angle lenses or additional light diffusion, the easy to use self-storing flip-down diffuser panel makes images come alive. To be in control of flash output, the XLF-50 has five EV adjustments in one half stops for getting the perfect exposure or for use for special effects or control of flash output. The XLF-50 flash runs on 2 AA Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries which keep it small and compact and at the same time provides up to 200 flashes at full power. In addition, the XLF-50 incorporates auto power off feature to keep batteries from going dead.


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