Youtu YT21C, GSHOT Series YT21 2.4GHz long distance infrared and wireless multi function flash trigger for Canon

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Cautions:1?Before installment, users should turn off the power of camera and YT21 flash trigger and do not pull the connecting wire. When installment, users should pay attention to the direction of hot shoe and the front-end (infrared LED side) of the YT21 flash trigger will be in the same direction as the display of camera or the light of flash. Users then push the device into camera or flash properly and then tighten the locking screw. 2?For long time non-use, please turn off the power and take the batteries out of product. Do not place or use products in high temperature or flammable environment and batteries should be installed according the indication of battery holder and can not be placed in reverse polarity in case the batteries are over-heated or exploded. Keep the item in dry environment and can not be exposed in rain or immersed in water, which will cause permanent damage to the device.For the basically synchrounous triggering, 2 sets of YT21C transcevers are needed. YT21C can switch between transmit and receive status automatically. Users also can use more sets of YT21C to control multiple cameras and flash/studio ligts. YT21C support wake-up for flash light and synchronous triggering which the max. synchronous speed can be 1/250s. It also can realize wireless/wire shutter remote control through the shutter interface. YT21C flash trigger also contains infrared function so Canon cameras with infrared function can control flash light with one YT21C installed wirelessly.Specifications:Modulation: 2.4GHz FSK modulationDistance: 200 metersChannels: 16Shutter release: half-way / fullShutter Interface: 2.5mmStudio light interface: 2.5mmBattery Type: AAA * 2Package Includes:YT21N:2 pcsConnection wire:1pcsManual: 1pcs


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